A New Resource for Churches! Download a set of bulletin inserts on understanding the Jewish Holidays and how to share the message of Messiah through them. You are free to reproduce them to use in your church.

Passover Materials:

Our New Covenant Haggadah in .pdf format

Seder Preparation Guide in .pdf format

Evangelistic Pamphlets:

Our Isaiah 53 Pamphlet in English

Our Isaiah 53 Pamphlet in Russian

Bulletin Inserts:

Rosh Hashana Insert in Acroreader (.pdf) format

Yom Kippur Insert in Acroreader (.pdf) format

Sukkot Insert in Acroreader (.pdf) format

Hanukkah Insert in Acroreader (.pdf) format

Purim Insert in Acroreader (.pdf) format

Passover Insert in Acroreader (.pdf) format

Shavuot Insert in Acroreader (.pdf) format

Booklets, Pamphlets, and Articles:

Rick Anderson's Programs for churches pamphlet in .pdf format

Our pamphlet quoting Calvin, Hodge, etc., on the Jewish people in .pdf format

John Owen on the Jewish People in .pdf format

Jewish Holidays and Their New Covenant Implications in .pdf format

A Refutation of the Claims of the Rabbinic Oral Law in .pdf format

Nurturing the Natural Branches (Discipling Jewish Believers) in .pdf format

Program Files for Windows:

A program with the texts of various creeds and reformed confessions

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Calvin's Institutes! in .pdf format FREE!

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